Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bell Island History

I thought that maybe some of the readers would like to read up on a little of Bell Island. The following links will jump you to a couple of sites for a little history lesson.

The first link is a site for the Island itself.

With these links taking you to the Bell Island mine as well as some interesting sits that outline the kind of role that the different ages played. Including a interview with a former employee of the mine.

Of course these are only but a few sites that google pulled up. For those that are really keen, if you google "Bell Island Mine", you should get a few more.

Another site I found interesting is because there are some old videos that have been put up there. Check out the following links
I left my heart there
PML 27 Saganaga (Iron ore carriers sunk during WWll carring ore from the Bell Island Mines)


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