Thursday, January 4, 2007


Folks, this is Bell Island, The home of some very beautiful WWII ship wrecks and now, the home of soon to be a great location for mine diving.

Welcome to our site.

We'll be using this to keep you informed as to the progress of the Bell Island Expedition. Which BTW, will be starting Jan 29th 2007.

For a little bit of the history and a peek on how this got started. On Saturday 29th, a team of four divers entered the water 650ft down the main shaft of a flooded iron ore mine located on Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada. After penetrating 400 feet along the shaft underwater before turning back. Rick and Debbie Stanley, owners of Ocean Quest Adventure Resort in Conception Bay South, along with Steve Lewis of TDI and Erik Van Dorn emerged 32 minutes later to a applause from the support team.

The few shots below give you an example of the preparations and team work to make this initial exploration possible.

The Team starting to arrive and unload the dive van.

A couple of the locals starting the trek down to the waters edge, 650ft down the shaft.

Once the gear was unloaded and trecked down to the waters edge, it was time for the eploration team and support members to assemple the gear and insure its safe working order for the task at hand.

Of course this last image is of the team leader just making sure everything is just so. He's such a fussy bugger :)

So now that you've had a taste of what's to come. Make sure you visit us after Jan 29th for updated information and photos. This is going to be a very exiting time.

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